Innovative crossover design and cabinet materials create superb sounding speakers with an elegant and timeless look, a stunning piece of acoustic furniture.

Show your true colours

Royd introduces several new innovations within the manufacture and design of its loudspeakers.


One of which is to use ValchromatTM for our enclosure. We have carefully chosen to manufacture our speakers from this premium material.

Coloured all the way through from natural dyes, it machines and finishes very well, is 30% stiffer than the equivalent thickness MDF and much kinder to the environment. The fibres are densely packed preventing unwanted cabinet vibration and resonances. Front faces are available in Black, Red and Birch Ply. Other colours are available on special order.



The tweeter

One of the innovations in our design is to use an Isodynamic tweeter. This can be described in simple terms as a mini Magnepan.

It’s benefits include high power handling and a wide range frequency band [up to 40Khz] with no impedance resonance.


The tweeter features a low mass heat-resistant Kapton/Copper Membrane and heat-resistant conducting electrical membrane covering about 90% of the chip. It has an exceptional sonic resolution and an ability to reveal the dynamics of instruments very clearly.


The vibrating element is almost weightless in comparison to a dome tweeter. As a result it provides an immediate and precise response to any transients in the original signal. It’s off axis response is good making a wide range of listening positions possible.

The bass

Our speakers use a classic coated paper cone that gives a smooth extended frequency response with a controlled roll off.


A large magnet system together with a very long and light weight voice coil allow good coil excursion with low distortion and good transient response resulting in the perfect balance of quality, reliability and consistency.

Designed, engineered and hand built in the UK

British by design

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