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Royd Audio is an iconic British Hi Fi company dating back to 1980 producing a range of unique loudspeakers such as the Abbot, Sorcerer, Sintra, Doublet and Eden. Many designed by ear and each built by hand. The most famous being the Minstrel and Minstrel SE which have reached cult status across the world. The launch of a follow up design to the famous Minstrel heralds a new era of loudspeaker development.

The Troubadour

In a follow up to the Minstrel, one of the most iconic and well loved speaker designs from Royd Audio, we are proud to introduce the new Troubadour loudspeaker.

Building on all the strengths of it’s predecessors while introducing new innovations within the design, it is a speaker that delights with both analogue and digital sources.

Similar by design

The bass unit uses a coated paper cone as did it’s predecessors. Selected because it offered the best results, integrated very well with the tweeter and was by the consistency and quality of manufacture preferred over many others tested.

The tweeter we use has a range of up to 50 kHz gently rolled off from 20 kHz to resemble a soft dome design. The advantage is we retain the very fast speed with added smoothness, the best of both worlds. No one can hear 50 kHz however the ear dislikes a brick wall filter effect from a tweeter that is too heavy to respond. This tweeter is an Isodynamic ribbon that is purely resistive with no low frequency resonance unlike many other designs.

The bass unit has useful output up to 7kHz , the tweeter down to and below 7kHz where the units are blended together. A highly unusual choice which has it’s roots in the approach of speaker design in the early days. Many commercial designs often cross between 2kHz to 3 kHz which means the tweeter is worked very hard and the cross is in the region most sensitive to the ear.

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